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A place to explore the lost and misrepresnted culture of the American Black man and all those now scattered ancient (Egypt, Ethiopia, Kaldea, Arabia, Canaan, and the entire torrid zone) descendants through out the world. There is a way home.

Fahamme founded by the prophet of Amun-Ra Paul Nathaniel Johnson the Ra Rasool.

There comes a point when you have to ask yourself "DO I WANT BETTER?" The islamic religion is the way to peace, it is the combination of Isis El & Amun, those ancient African BLACK gods who are reaching out to the people of the world.

Your god looks like you.

Discover what fahamme holds for you. Fahamme is understanding, and it is also the name of the new Afro-American culture founded on the background of our Ancestors. Modern Islam for the Afro-American Race. We Invite You to Explore Fahamme.

A message from the Ra Rasool, Culture Prophet:

"Take Notice All Ye Muslims, Jews, and Christians, Hindoos, Buddhists and Others. Think not that I am come to usurp any of your faith, or to criticize belittle or revile. Fahame is not a religion. It is UNDERSTANDING civil and divine.

Religion cannot solve the problems of the nations. Religon cannot solve the complicated preoblems of Race, Creed, and Colour. Religion is to weak to solve these things. Without UNDERSTANDING between all of the Nations, Peoples, Religions, and Creeds, these will always be turmoil and war.

Fahame is UNDERSTANDING, both Civil and Divine; and that is what all the Races, and Nations and Creeds and Colours need, to solve the problems of the world. Fahame is much more than just another religion.

We are trying to make those religions the world already has work. For one religion conflicts and is antagonistic to the other. The creeds and doctrines conflict, their Gods and Angels conflict; hence people become spiritual enemies to each other; when all that is needed is UNDERSTADING. So that is what Fahame means. So Fahame is not a religion, then at the same time IT IS A RELIGION. When everybody else's Gods seem to have forsaken you, then make out a case for a God of your own."

- Taken from Holy Fahame Gospel or Divine Understanding, The Key to all Bibles and Cultures
by: Prof. Paul Johnson, B.A. First Edition 1943

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is not the youngest religion. Islam is the oldest religion